Denmarks largest producer of adhesives and sealants

Dana Lim A/S is one of Denmarks oldest and most well-known adhesive producers, and have now for more than 75 years supplied the danish market with adhesives and sealants.

Today we are producing more than 400 different adhesives and sealants at the Køge factory. And at our R&D facilities technicians and specialist are working continuously to expand the possibilities, to bring new products to the market.
Our strength is a high quality product range and a fast and direct contact to our customers. Our specialists and Expert Assistance are always ready to advice the best solutions and choice of products.

Dana Lim A/S is 100 % owned by The Kai Hansen Foundation. The Foundation yearly awards the Dana Lim Prize for scientific research which promotes danish industry and society.

Despite the solid danish roots, Dana Lim today is a company which reaches far beyond the borders. Besides subsidiary companies in Lithuania and Sweden the company is represented in many european countries.