Green annual account 2008/2009 (in Danish)

Dana Lim focuses on the environment

Dana Lim A/S stresses the importance of developing environmentally friendly  products also considering the working environment to benefit both the users of the products and our employees.

Thus we always demand that our suppliers of raw materials send updated supply manuals that live up to current laws. Furthermore, our suppliers always need to be willing to answer questions about the environment that Dana Lim has concerning the product in question.


Product development that is an advantage for the environment
Through mutual co-operation between Dana Lim and the suppliers and the general product development we are working towards the use of more environmentally friendly sound raw materials in existing products, as substitution is used when it is possible.

The customers opinions are with the help of technical advice adapted towards the use of more environmentally friendly products also considering the working environment for example water-based products instead of products based on organic compounds.


Ready for REACH
Since 2002 Dana Lim A/S has participated in the project group of the trade association REACH' project. The aim is to prepare the trade association for the demands the companies will experience with the implementation of EU's upcoming chemical legislation (REACH).

Through Dana Lim's participation in the trade Association's REACH project and the internal activities that have been implemented in the factory it is well on its way with the REACH preparations.

The goal for Dana Lim is to be well-informed about all new, relevant and coming environmental conditions therefore the factory participate in the 'Product committee'  at the Danish Adhesives and Sealants Association and the "Adhesives technical committee" established by the Association of Adhesives and Sealants.


The Green annual accounts
Every year Dana Lim makes green annual accounts that through words and figures represent the most important environmental conditions in connection with the production here also representing the company's own goals and the demands coming from the authorities.

The newest Danish version of green annual account may be downloaded here.