Dana Lim's Environmental Policy

Dana Lim A/S wants to develop and produce adhesives, sealants and other similar products thus considering the demands and expectations to environmentally friendly products and production from customers and the society.

  • Dana Lim wants to be a sound company: The possibility of improving the working environment and simultaneously minimize the impact in the outer environment is continuously estimated in connection with the improvement of existing and the development of new products and working processes.
  • Dana Lim wants to produce and sell environmentally friendly products: Customers are made aware of the focus on choosing environmentally friendly products through security data magazines, technical service, nights with product information etc.
  • Dana Lim wants to minimize the use of resources: emphasis is made on the reduction of raw materials, auxiliary substances and energy by using more efficient stock- and energy control.
  • Dana Lim wants to minimize the use of waste: We will try to minimize waste by assessing methods for the reuse, by optimizing working processes and by making the employees more aware.
  • Dana Lim wants as a minimum to live up to the environmental demands of the law: Through manuals at workplaces and security data magazines, staff and users are made aware of the demands for good working environment in order to achieve correct handling of raw materials and products.