The history of Dana Lim

Kai Hansen

Recession was every day in the spring of 1928 when Kai Leopold Hansen got the idea of a lifetime. He decomposed old cinema films in acetone and not only did he create an adhesive which added miles to the existing types of adhesives, he had also created a product that became one of the country's most well-known brands - the yellow tube Dana Lim.

Nothing pointed in the direction that Kai Hansen was the one to create the work of a lifetime in the world of adhesive. After his father's death he helped his mother as daily manager of the Hotel Postgaarden in Køge. And so the years passed by..... But one day in the spring of 1928 the incident occurred that forever changed life behind the decayed fence.

One of the town's most honourable citizens was to celebrate his 25th jubilee, and the widower asked her son to get a couple of unstable chairs and repair them. At the time the quality of adhesive could not impress the young Kai Hansen who several times had repaired the same chairs. Therefore, instead of igniting the glue pot he went over to the neighbour opposite who worked at a rubber factory. Kai Hansen thought that here they would have an adhesive with a special strength, and he was proved right. Shortly after, he returned with a little box with adhesive.

The adhesive was German and had a strong smell. Kai Hansen had never seen anything like it before and already the day after he knew it was something of an adhesive miracle that he had touched. It was easy to use, fast and the strength of the adhesive was impressive.

During the nineteen twenties Denmark was marked by the crisis repercussions of the First World War which hit both the agricultural and industrial sector. The unemployment increased and normal people did not have much to live off. New purchases were rare instead everything had to be repaired over and over again.

Ideas quickly turned into action and Kai Hansen began to make experiments with film trash and acetone, but the stench of the solvent was not very conducive to the daily management of Postgaarden. Soon he moved to the laundry room where there was a mess of prescriptions and wood pieces glued together and numbered. And then one day at the end of the summer the breakthrough came. Fate would that a local journalist happened to pass by, and Kai Hansen told him right away about his new innovation. Thus the Dana Lim became a world sensation - at least in Køge!


The Anniversary book was published when Dana Lim celebrated the 75th anniversary in 2004.

History - in brief

1928: Kai Hansen invents Dana Lim 

1929: Dansk Limfabrik is established in Køge

1948: A new factory is build north of the town

1952: Kai Hansen dies 

1955: The Kai Hansen Foundation is now the owners of Dansk Limfabrik

1973: Dansk Limfabrik becomes a Ltd.

1988: Dansk Limfabrik A/S changes its name to Dana Lim A/S

1998: Acquisition of De Carlske Fabrikker

2000: Establishment of Danalimas UAB in Lithuania

2001: Acquisition of Åffa A/S

2004: Acquisition of Emo Färg AB

2006: Establishment of Dana Lim AB in Sweden

2008: Establishment of Dana Lim Beijing in China

2010: Acquisition of Nordcolls adhesive production for the industry