The Dana Lim Prize 2008: Mogens Overgaard (Dana Lim), Martin Etchells Vigild (Prize winner) og Henrik Christrup (The Kai Hansens Foundation).

The Dana Lim Prize

The Dana Lim Prize is awarded once a year by the Kai Hansen Foundation that owns Dana Lim A/S. The Prize is aimed at scientific research which promotes danish industry and society. The yearly prize-giving is in the scientific circles considered as a coveted recognition, and has since the first prize was awarded in 1955 been awarded to a large number of diverse scientific projects.

During the last years the prize has been awarded to:

2008: Docent Martin Etchells Vigild received 250.000,- DKK for financing equipment or instruments to test new research ideas, and to give talented students opportunity to try strength against nano-porous materials in smaller projects.

2006: Professor Dr. Techn. Jesper Mørk received 400,000 DKK to continued research within the technology of semiconductors and optical communication which for example is used to continuously faster data transportation via the Internet.

2005: Dennis Wowern Nielsen received 400,000, - DKK to scientific research in converting liquid manure from pigs into among other things adhesive.

2004: Professor Jørgen Ahrent Jensen received 400,000,- to research within the medico technical field.

2003: Lector Ph.d. Paul Robert Hansen received 120,000 ,- DKK to new equipment in connection with peptic research within the field of antibiotics.

2002: Lector Ph.d. Georgios Kontogeorgis received 250,000,- DKK to research within the thermodynamic field and the polymeric compounds.

2001: Ph.d. Pieter Telleman received 250,000,- DKK to research within the field of bio chips to make fast and cheap diagnosing of illnesses.

Besides the Dana Lim Prize - the Kai Hansen Foundation gives an amount to charity every year.